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#4 One Of The Best Domain Names In The Sugar Dating Industry

Although Sugar Daddy has one of the best domain names in the sugar dating industry, the site itself is still a fairly new field in the sugar dating business. Its Alexa ranking proves that the site has many visitors, and the site also offers a free 3-day trial, so we are still worth trying.


They do have a 3-day trial with full VIP access so you can see how everything is before you pay.

Paid Membership

1 Month Platinum Membership: $29.95

1 Month Diamond Membership: $34.95

Full Contact (allowing free members to contact you): extra $14.95 per month

Plus a $5.95 administration fee for all monthly memberships.

Differences between Platinum membership and Diamond membership:

Diamond Members' Profiles are highlighted in search results.

Diamond Members are displayed above others in search results.

Diamond profiles get priority fastest approval.

Messages sent by Diamond members are highlighted in the recipients' mailbox.

Diamond Members receive weekly emails containing members who are matches for you.

Diamond Members have no storage limits on the numbers of emails that can be stored in their inbox.

It’s nice to see that you are not forced into an automatic subscription and the prices are ok considering how large the community is and the feature set that you can get access to. Granted, most people will just need a month or two at most, but if you want to stay subscribed and you can’t find the sugar baby you want, then that will be more than ok. Getting a deeper discount always helps, and the site does a very good job in this regard.

Sugar Daddy Key Features:

  • What are the features?
    • SugarDaddy is one of the rare sugar dating websites without an income verification system. However, you can enter the amount of money you make annually, to make your profile more attractive for sugar babies.
    • The website is available only in some countries around the world. They include the US, UK, Australia, and Canada for now. According to the website’s owners, they are looking to expand their services to other countries, but only those who have many lonely millionaires.
    • Sugar babies should be aware that some members want to find true love and genuine girlfriend experience, rather than just spending money on attractive women and their lifestyles.
    • Keep in mind that most women on the website want safety and security, and that means money. Without it, finding a young hottie that’s ready to fulfill your fantasies won’t be an easy task. You have to compete against real millionaires, so you should enter the correct information from day one.
    • Sugar babies should be aware that some members want to find true love and genuine girlfriend experience, rather than just spending money on attractive women and their lifestyles.
  • Other advantages
    • it’s not that hard to get into. It has a massive user base, and you can upload as many photos as you want.
    • Furthermore, if you’re a paid member, you can only contact other members with a premium membership, unless you have the Full Contact addon.
    • The website is known for zero-tolerance for illegal activities, so it’s pretty safe. Members can report scams and fake accounts, which is a great thing.
    • There is no mobile app, but the website is optimized for mobile use. Young women can find an older gentleman who has what to offer, and the gentleman can discover a young beauty to have some fun with.

Users' Reviews

“They do require verification, but then again that’s for the best as it helps avoid all kinds of scammers that are lurking the internet trying to find a person you want. So, in the end, it’s all worth it if you are indeed serious to use this website in the long run.”

In general, the website is very convenient to use. Although it can improve some visual effects, it has good functions and has a large database of people for you to read. Of course, sometimes it takes some time to load, but in the end, it is important you can find and find them without any problems. If you like the gorgeous style of the site, you can try to register on the site.